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The microSTARS Business Development Services Centers travel to the 20th annual Microfinance Center (MFC) conference in Sarajevo, 23-26 May 2017


At the 20th annual MFC conference, that is entitled "Horizon 2037: Fair Finance for All" and organized by the Microfinance Center (MFC), Project Manager of the Business & Cultural Development Centre (KEPA), Mr. Neoklis Stamkos, is invited as a guest speaker by MFC.

In the past two decades, MFC has cemented its position as the region’s leading access to finance resource centre and network, currently uniting 103 microfinance institutions, social investors, country level networks and support organizations. MFC also works in strategic partnership with the European Commission, collaborate with the International Finance Corporation, EBRD, EIB, EIF and many others.

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the first MFIs in Bosnia, which is said to be the most dynamic country in the field of European microcredit, MFC is organizing this year's conference in Sarajevo, having designed a unique conference program featuring renowned thinkers, experts and special guests that were involved with setting up the sector in the 1990s.

Among other things, issues that will be discussed relate to technology issues and how it disrupts traditional banking and the foundations of our current social structures, the consequences of the digital revolution and how microfinance institutions can promote digitally their services in an effective way, the role (if any) for socially oriented microfinance, and many more that may lay the grounds for the future steps of professionals in the microcredit sector.

Specifically, the participation of Mr. Stamkos, as representative of KEPA - of the institution that took the initiative to promote micro-credit in our country - in two thematic workshops of this conference, marks the dynamics of microcredit in Greece, highlighting also the growth prospects of microSTARS Business Development Services Centers.

The first workshop is titled "New markets and market segments for microfinance: frontier countries and the EU" and addresses the particularly high demand for microcredit services in many countries that cannot yet meet this need, despite that microfinance stands for more than two decades worldwide. Speakers of this panel will focus on the different opportunities and approaches to address the "gap" in countries such as France, Greece, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

The second workshop, "Understanding What It Takes for an MFI to Go Digital", confirms the current trends of the digital revolution and focuses on the benefits a micro-credit institution may have from adopting new digital technologies. Speakers of this panel will share with participants their experience of their own transition to the digital era, in countries such as Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and the United States.


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